Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cupcakes to Soothe an Aching Soul

The past year has been just awful.  There's been sickness for some of my nearest and dearest, work is an unrelenting shit-pile of politics and hateful people and the hits keep coming.  This is not to say that I am not grateful for what I have and to have a job, but if you asked me what year I would love to play over, these past 12 months would not make the top 40.

Because of the drag on my emotions and the fact that last year was a really fun and fabulous birthday, when this year's birthday came around, it felt a bit, meh.  I had a wonderful time celebrating with my family, but I felt a longing for something homey and traditional.  On reflection, I realized that I was craving birthday cake.  I had some wonderfully delicious cakes in celebration of my birthday.  There was a Tira Misu, Chocolate Blackout and a spankingly fresh Strawberry Shortcake just mounded with whipped cream and berries.  Spectacular, each and every one.  However, there is something about a homemade vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream that is so comforting to me.  It's like a hug for the soul and I decided that I would make one as a birthday gift to myself.

I have two favorite vanilla cakes for this application - I love a good vanilla pound cake or a good old fashioned 1-2-3-4 cake.  I went with the latter.  This is an old time recipe that includes 1 cup milk, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour and 4 eggs, hence the name.  There are recipes all over the internet and they are all basically the same thing.  If you want to try one, go here or here or here.

Sitting back with a glass of wine and a cupcake in my belly, I feel better, maybe even optimistic.  Let's see what tomorrow brings.  I think I will pack a cupcake with me when I head off to work.  Things are not likely to be so great, but with that sweet nugget at the ready, I can put a band-aid on my scrapes and bruises and retreat to the gentle hug of a nostalgic bite of comfort.

The Birth of a Cupcake

Tins are lined. Flour is sifted. Patience is low.

Butter and sugar are beaten into submission.

 Eggs, flour and milk are added to make a very thick and luscious batter.

Sprinkles are tumbled in because I wanna.

 Sprinkles are now part of the "in crowd".

 Batter up!

Starting to get dressed.

 Now we all fancy.

 Aaaaahhhhh.  That's what I was waiting for.


  1. Just what the doctor ordered.
    Wishing you Happy Birthday and a Better Year, sweetie!

  2. Here's to a better year ahead AND a better birthday!

    I'm with ya---work is the pits.

  3. You're going to make me make cupcakes this morning, aren't you?

  4. Ladies, thanks for the birthday wishes. And, of course, I would make you cupcakes every day Empress, if I could. How I wish I could trade you for my current next door neighbor.